After a silent period, the time of silence dissipates, giving way to good news about the progress of the work at the “Back to Eden” Clinic. We share with you our joy about the advanced stage of work on the clinic project.

With God’s help and through the logistical and financial efforts of those animated by the sacrificial spirit to promote the works at this medical facility, we managed to carry out far-reaching works, impressive in terms of workload and achievements. We mention herein the remarkable works of the Most High Heavenly Father, inspiring good people with wonderful hearts who made possible the progress of the project. In the period 2019 – 2022, the following works were carried out: the covering of the building, the installation of external windows and doors (thermopane), the curtain wall (thermopane) from the entrance of the clinic, electrical installations, domestic water installations, sewage installations and sanitary groups ware installations, underfloor heating installations, with protective screed, interior hydrant installations and fire doors, installation of a group of photovoltaic panels, installation of remote control blinds for the windows of the modular clinic complex and the first experiments in organic farming providing organically grown vegetables for the clinic.

To complete the project, we still have a lot of work to do: the self-leveling epoxy floor, the interior plaster, the coffered ceiling, the jacuzzi pool, interior plaster, the thermal insulation and the exterior decorative plaster, the air-water heat pumps for underfloor heating and to provide domestic hot water, the interior fittings for the kitchen, cold room, laundry, salons, gym hall, fitness room, wet and dry sauna, medical offices, nurse’s stations, offices, reception hall, professional greenhause, deep well, as the autonomous water source, completing the group of photo-voltaic panels and the clinic yard.

We continue to hope in the providential guidance of the Lord, as well as in the support and warmth of your feeling together, until the opening of the gates of Eden and beyond.

One more time and one more time and …. once more… Eben-Ezer – “Thus far God has helped us” (1 Samuel 7:12).

So help us God!

Nihil Sine Deo!