The dream and project of building a natural medical institution in Bihor emerged slowly. It has become a reality as a testimony of faith and hope in our Heavenly Father’s intervention.

The actual building, a modular complex, arrived from Germany and since November 2013 the work followed an ascending trend marked by a lot of effort but also by the satisfaction of completing the proposed objective. Here are some photos of what has been achieved.

In the prophylaxis and therapy of diseases the Health and Preventive Medicine Center “Back to Eden” in Șuncuiuș aims to:

  • promote a healthy lifestyle, based on the edenic lifestyle principles: family morality, strict vegetarian diet recommended by God, weekly natural biorhythm of seven days – six working days and on the seventh day, the Bible Sabbath, the day of rest
  • reinstate to their true value the edenic diet, exercise, herbs, water, bee products, clay, coal, air, sun, sacred music and sacro-therapy.

Currently, at the Center for Health and Preventive Medicine, we provide specialized medical assistance, which consists of consultations and recommendations for natural therapy for various diseases as well as counseling on healthy lifestyles. For consultations, patients should make an appointment by calling the phone number +40 745 118 488. On completion of the project, we will be able to provide for our patients series of two weeks of accommodation, natural treatments, counseling and herbal therapy inductive to invigorating health and a reconnection with the Giver of all health.

We thank our God for the support and guidance He has given so we could accomplish this project. We also thank those that offered their support, either financial, logistic or moral.

Like the prophet Samuel, we can say with joy: “Eben-Ezer” – “Thus far the Lord has helped us.”(1 Sam. 7:12 l.p.) We continue to hope in His providential guidance.

May God Bless us all!