Edenic Manual of Prophylactic and Therapeutic Natural Medicine

This book is intended to be a tool designed to enrich the experience and knowledge of all those who, in a world brutalized by the pride of human science and intoxicated with medicines and perverted food aggressively enriched with additives or prepared from genetically modified organisms, still dare to believe and trust in God and practice Christian medicine and the Eden lifestyle. The method of natural therapy presented in the book, however simple and easy to practice it may seem, does not replace the rigorous scientifically based medical care and does not minimize the role and the importance of the physician in establishing the correct and complete diagnosis of the patient’s illness and in rigorously determining the personalized therapy scheme for his illness. The book does not encourage self- medication because herbal remedies are not panaceas. Moreover, the message of the book is also an invitation to interdisciplinary medical cooperation, with the sole aim of preventing disease and restoring to health those who suffer. The interdisciplinary collaboration, based on ethical medical principles, is the most valuable way to meet an increasingly suffering world at a progressively younger age. To avoid compromising natural medicine by the amateurism growing in this department of medicine it is absolutely necessary that it be practiced with competence and professionalism, encouraging the interdisciplinary medical cooperation as well as the partnership between doctor and patient, as a true tandem imperatively necessary for the completion of the medical care to the benefit of the patient.

The book has 1228 pages and it is divided into 17 chapters. Dealing in an original manner, it outlines methods for the prevention and therapy diseases, from the natural medicine point of view. These methods have been conceived and practiced by Dr Laza for 11 years in the clinic “Eden” in Breaza, Prahova County. Dr. Laza, together with his daughter, Dr. Manuela Laza, resident physician in the 5th year of Internal Medicine specialization, systematically presents his practiced method that turns to good account the rich repertoire of Creation: sacrotherapy, phytotherapy, therapy using bee products, aromatherapy, diet therapy, hydrotherapy, heliotherapy, clay therapy, exercise or kinetotherapy, charcoal therapy and reflexology.

These practiced methods have become a veritable Edenic brand, which has brought many blessings to a significant number of patients who have benefited from this treatment. Some patients have agreed to have their experiences in these methods printed here, in the chapter “Echoes over time.” At the end of the book there are presented an api-phytotherapy emergency kit, a list of medicinal plants (146 plants) in 17 languages ​​and color photos of many of the plants used by the author. The price of the book is 200 RON.

Eden Cuisine Recipes

Soon to be published is a book of the “Eden” diet, in which the authors, Dr. Laza and his daughter, Dr. Manuela Laza, illustrate the “0 cholesterol” diet. With a rich repertoire of strictly vegetarian recipes, it includes menus suggested for various groups of diseases. This book was previously published in 2005 under the title ‘Receipts from Edenic Cuisine”, but has been updated and enlarged.