About Us

“DR. DORU LAZA ASSOCIATION” is a non-profit, non-governmental, apolitical Christian organization.

The purpose of the association is to promote, through systematically organized institution, a lifestyle medicine for the benefit of patients. Such a medicine capitalizes on the Christian principles of life, given to the first human family, Adam and Eve, by the Creator:

  • the family – a moral monolith
  • a vegetarian diet (grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts or seeds)
  • the natural biorhythm of 7 days – 6 working days and the 7th day (the biblical Sabbath) as a day of rest
  • a dynamic life, closely linked to nature
  • the implementation of natural remedies in prophylaxis and therapy
  • a vertical relationship – the communion with God through prayer, the study of God’s Word and meditation
  • horizontal relationship – the communion with others (our neighbours), constantly practicing altruism

Dr. Laza says: “I left Eden, but Eden has not left me. The 11 years that I lived with my family in the company of those afflicted by disease have deeply and positively imprinted my life, helping me to fully understand a sublime truth. Namely, that life has value only to the extent that you are willing and determined to throw your own in the furrow of people’s needs. There is no nobler and grander goal than to sacrifice your life to save those around you who are perishing due to blindness, ignorance or powerlessness.”

This statement reflects both the author’s desire and the need of patients burdened by disease; to establish a medical institution in which the rich heritage of herbal medicine should be capitalized on. This institution would draw from the inspired Word of Scripture, the Eden diet, plants, bee products, water, sun, exercise, clay, coal and sacred music.

In order to achieve this project, the founders of the Association call on all people of good will, willing to support this endeavor, to participate through donations or sponsorships to its completion. Details of the association account are shown on the “Donations” page of the site.